The Manufactured Superstars, formally known as Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo, are the commanders behind the Playhouse Nightclub 2011 ongoing party of the year – Space Odyssey. Readily outfitted in signature NASA spacesuits, the DJ duo take this unique bi-monthly party to new musical horizons … an out of this world experience.

Since opening in July 2009, Playhouse Nightclub has become THE nightlife destination in Los Angeles. Located in the historic Fox Theater building, the 10,500-square-foot venue is more than just an average nightclub. Most clubs focus on the DJ and promoter while Playhouse concentrates on the lighting, the sound and most importantly the production, which truly makes each party significant.


To prepare for each Space Odyssey Launch, Playhouse Nightclub undergoes a significant transformation by bringing the celestial skies to the main room. Planets, hanging amidst LED lit star walls, recreate the elements of outer space.

Party-goers are able to enjoy the ambient cosmos, while dancing all night to world-class electronic music blasted on the line-arrayed Funktion One sound system. Performers dressed as alluring space cadets bring the room to life by performing gravity-defying acts. Occasionally the Manufactured Superstars will steer the night in a darker direction musically, which results in a visit from Darth Vader and an accompanying Storm Trooper.

This stellar party has been frequented by many nerd-glasses-wearing superstars and starlets of which include: Paris Hilton, and of the Black Eyed Peas.