Playhouse Nightclub Dress Code: Do’s and Don’ts

A night out in Hollywood isn’t done right unless you put on your best gear and hit the town in style. Nestled in the perfect location and playing host to an extraordinary night is PLAYHOUSE Nightclub.

If you secure a table with Playhouse bottle service; then the rules on dress codes are almost always very relaxed—and even sometimes nonexistent. But if you are a general admission or a guest list customer (who doesn’t know anyone at the club); then you need to make sure to be well within the official guidelines listed below:

  1. Fashionable, upscale “trendy” attire is required to be granted entry.
  2. No tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts.
  3. No plain white t-shirts.
  4. No excessively large clothing (baggy clothing is a no-no).
  5. No excessively torn/ ripped jeans (designer jeans are OK).
  6. No men’s shorts. But females are permitted to wear shorts as long as fashionable.
  7. No tennis shoes (e.g. gym shoes). No hard soled shoes (e.g. Boots like timberland/ cat boots). No sandals.
  8. Fashionable sneakers are allowed (e.g. Nike Jordan; Adidas Yeezy).
  9. Men can wear hats as long as paired with fashionable attire; so style it up!
  10. No “sports” or “team” Jerseys.
  11. Dress shoes and collared shirts are not required, but do dress in your best.
  12. All bags (e.g. purses, oversized bags, backpacks) are subject to search.
  13. Age Restriction applies. Patrons must be 21 years of age or older. Government-issued photo ID will be required to prove age.
  14. Management reserves all rights for entry based on dress code etiquette. * If you have doubts about an item or an outfit; then it is best to play it safe and go for the dressier look.

Even though women can get away with wearing practically anything they want, it’s important to remember that you want to catch the attention of the doormen and promoters. So choose a dress that has vibrant colors to stand out. For the best impression, we recommend ladies dress upscale yet comfortable—like a long black dress with a pair of heels—aka girl’s go-to outfit for a club night out.

Dressing in Your Best Equals Waiting Less

Wearing the right outfit to a Hollywood nightclub can be the determining factor whether you’re allowed inside or whether you’re left high and dry outside at the ropes.

If you want to get passed the velvet ropes; then dress to impress. Playhouse Nightclub is a premier nightlife venue that is famous for its great beats, swanky décor and beautiful crowd. PLAYHOUSE holds its standards pretty high; and guests are all expected to assist in keeping up its ‘elite’ reputation, both as a venue and fashion wise. Celebrities love Playhouse and are always making an appearance at the venue. Talk about the perfect scene to be seen!

A dress code is the set of rules that specifies the way you should be dressed in order to gain entry. Dress code is always enforced. Failure to comply may result in denied entry.

Keep up with PLAYHOUSE Nightclub via Twitter and Instagram by following @PlayhouseHW for updates, tidbits and sneak peeks to what is to come. Don’t forget to dress to impress as you never know who might be stopping by and performing here in the heart of Hollywood. If you have any questions regarding our dress code, please give us a call before your visit at (323) 656-4600.